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Dec 17, 2015 at 05:53 PM

What is now considered best solution for PDF export errror due to MS KB


I see that Microsoft does not consider this to be their error -- latest KB caused PDF export in vb 2008 to fail. Does the problem exist with vb 2010 -2013 using the appropriate CR for the version?

Is there a font solution? If so what is working. I read various posts saying this works, that doesn't , etc. Unfortunately, changing the font will not be an easy task on our reports.

rolling back the MS update is not really a solution only a very temporary one.

I read a post above mine (but for a web report) that permission was necessary for the temp dir.

As a result I am confused as to whether this is a KB error, each of the PDF errors people are reporting are all for different reasons not associated with KB (or triggered by KB but not directly the cause, and therefore if there is a solution or multiple ones?

If this is a KB error, is CR considering a fix for this since Microsoft will not do anything. Or are we all now going to figure out what is causing our problem (that was triggered by the KB) - especially if there is no definitive way to deal with this. Hopefully there is a solution that does solve this problem.

Thanks for any help on this.