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Dec 17, 2015 at 01:14 PM

Vendor consingment - non valuated material



We have the following problem

We receive materials from an external source, these are today non valuated (UNBW materials) and basicly they are supplied to to the warehouse by a customer. The customer has a corresponding vendor number so we order x pieces of the material from the vendor, and they arrange for the shipment from the actual vendor.

Until now this has been ok since only one customer has used these materials, and they are used only for this customers products so from the warehouse it has been easy to report the stock to the vendor.

Now more customers want to use the same materials in the same process, the problem is now to separate the stocks that belongs to the different customers.

When the purchase order is created an account assignment is used so there is no innvoice expected for these materials and they should have 0 in value in our stock, but we need to be able to report the stock level for the different customers.

I tried to use consingnment during PO creation but i am not able to get the value to zero, it expects a value during GI.

Any ideas how this can be solved in a practical way?