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Dec 17, 2015 at 11:57 AM

FRB1 value getting updated in PO on checking Delivery complete indicator


In a PO, when delivery complete indicator is marked, the FRB1 value from last PO in info record is overwritten to PO's FRB1 value.

FRB1 is configured for manual entry. User is entering it at header while creating PO. Suppose for PO 123, user entered FRB1 as 10 EUR.

Then a second PO 456 is created with FRB1 as 20 EUR. Now info record has this 2nd PO. And when in first PO 123, if delivery complete indicator is marked, the FRB1 with value 10 EUR is overwritten by 20 EUR of last PO from info record.

This has to be standard SAP functionality. However user doesn't want FRB1 to be recalculated. Can anyone throw some light on this behavior? is there any workaround that can be done to avoid FRB1 update on marking DCI?