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Dec 17, 2015 at 10:33 AM

Material ledger and Depreciation Areas


Hi everyone,

We have a problem with getting the historical values of the materials when assigning them to an asset.

As the situation is a bit complex I would describe what we have so far.

We have three parallel currencies (business requirement):

10 - USD ,

30 Group Currency- USD,

60 Global Company Currency - AMD

We have activated the material ledger to store the historical data of materials within these three currencies (basically two currencies).

We have 6 depreciation areas,

01 book - USD(10) - posts to 0L (leading ledgrer),

02 book- AMD(60), type 06, no postings

32 book - USD(30), type 06, no postings

10 tax - AMD - posts to Z2 (the system does not allow to put currency 60)

the rest are not important.

We are getting the correct historical values in 02, but not in 10.

Let's say we bought a material on 01.01 and assigned it to and asset on 15.01 - thanks to the material ledger we will have the correct AMD value in 02 (the correct value is by the exchange rate on 01.01). However, we are getting the wrong one in 10th depreciation area (it will calculate the value with the exchange rate on 15.01, which is not the hysterical value).

What we already tried:

1. Tried to transfer the values from 02 to 10, the system says that you cannot inherit from 02 (as it itself is inheriting identically from 01).

2. Tried not to tick 02's "identical" flag, the system brings error during postings on assets, with the flag system makes 02 unavailable in AINT0004, to get the values from it (and write them in 10) with a user-exit.

3. Tried to assign 60 Global company currency to 10th depreciation area. No way - as 10 is posting to Z2, it does not have that field available (it is blank as for 01).

So, please, share if you have any ideas,

Thanks in advance