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Dec 17, 2015 at 08:17 AM

iflow in HCI having error at csv to xml converter step


hey guys,

working in HCI on a iflow, in which input is a csv file. so in the iflow, i put a SFTP step, to get the file, then a converter step for CSV to XML converter.

in the csv file, the data is something like:




meaning multiple records with 3 fields in it.

i created a data type, msg type in PI IR for it, then exported its XSD from message type, then even imported in PI as external definition and i can see the structure of the file in hierarchy as:




then imported that XSD in the integration project in HCI where the above iflow is created.

in converter step in properties, in XML schema - browse this XSD.

then path to target element in XSD - /ns0:messagetype/record

record marker in csv - \n

field separator in csv - comma

also in runtime configuration of iflow, specified ns0 = the namespace in which the message type was created in IR in PI system.

then outputted the data from another SFTP to get the XML file.

on deploying and running the above iflow, i get error Element name [] not found in provided XML schema file - which is occuring at converter step.

pls tell how to fix this error and how to get XML file generated from csv file from an iflow in HCI.

all helpful replies will be appreciated. thx.