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Dec 17, 2015 at 07:54 AM

Include product hierarchy during reates processing


Dear all,

The issue we are facing is that, we are entering a rebate agreements for either per product code or valid for all materials. When we create a rebate agreement which is valid for all materials, the rebate is applied on all materials without any distinction.

Here problem the user faces is, we have customers, who buy product which comes under hierarchies A and B respectively. We have a rebate agreement with them valid for A. The agreement entered in SAP is valid for all materials irrespective of hierarchies which results to long list of codes purchased by the customer, i.e. at the time of rebate being settled the user needs to remove all the sales for product B manually (outside SAP) if he has to settle rebate for A and vice versa; to obtain the correct rebate amount that is due and consequently correct the credit memo request.

The requirement is that whether it is possible to create a rebate agreement per Product Hierarchy A & B separately, then this problem would be solved.

The product hierarchy is already in place.

If anyone might have come across such scenario, then please guide me. Through the notes I read about using extended rebates processing for using product hierarchies during rebates processing. But I am unable to find more information on this.

Thanks and Best Regards,