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Dec 17, 2015 at 05:54 AM

Transaction MB5L


Hi everyone,

My Department offent use transaction MB5L to check the Stock. Now at the end of this year they want to make a report on Stock over the year 2015(from January to this December). It looks like this:

Materialgroup Material Stock Value Deliver Processed/unprocess Material

XX xx xx xx xx Processed

So i would like to have some ask you some question:

1. Base of the transaction MB5L, How can i extract the report for Stocklist over the year 2015? (i am new with SAP so its very nice of you if you can show me step by step) i mean which table in SAP ERP can i extract this Information?

2. In the Stocklist made by transaction MB5L the Information: "Materialgroup" and " Processed/unprocess Material" arre not available. How can i find this Information?

Thank you very much and wisch you a good day!