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Dec 16, 2015 at 09:44 PM

WEBI : Dimension values not displayed in the same row


Hi Everyone

I'm able to create cool complex reports but this one is driving me crazy, so if you guys can help me on it would be fantastic so thanks in advance.

Let's assume the following :

I have two dimensions : "Question" and "Answer"

The report I would like to design should look like this one

What I tried to do is proceeding by name and started with Lynda's case , in the top value below banana 2 I added the following function : =[Answer]Where([Attribute="How many bananas did Lynda eat")]

The good part is that I had the right answer 2 but the bad part is that when I moved to the second fruit Apple and I added the following function into the cell : =[Answer]Where([Attribute="How many apples did Lynda eat")] I had the following table :

The dimension value didn't want to go into the same row and it instead created a new row "Lynda" and added the value under. Note that the answer dimension values are in "text" and not "numbers".

Can anyone please help me on this or suggest another way to have my table done 😕

Thank you very much