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Dec 16, 2015 at 01:16 PM

Central Finance



We are considering different options of how to implement S/4 HANA Finance (OP 1503 or later release of S/4 HANA Finance)

One of the option is to set it as New Separate Central Finance instance with long term strategy to make it the global solution in few years including logistics.

I have few questions:

1) If the source system use classic G/L and the Central Finance using new G/L with document splitting (let's say document splitting by profit center) ,

will there be any problem to set the initial opening balance in A/R and A/P in the central finance for the initial load - can we do it mid-year ?

I understood that replication after initial load should work as it take it in the SLT from ACCTID structure.

2) If the source systems doesn't use account-based CO-PA and in the Central Finance we use account-based CO-PA .....will it create any
problem with profitability segment derivation.

3) Let's say we decide later to migrate to S/4 HANA OP 1511 (or later release) in central finance box and start converting the source systems into the
central finance system will it be possible using same company codes (as we already set the financials balances) or do we need complete new set

of company codes buildout.