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Former Member
Dec 16, 2015 at 12:51 PM

Lot Size Set Ups


Hi All,

Please can I seek your advice on the best way for me to group my lot sizes?

I want to create 1 purchase requisition to cover any shortages I have out to my lead-time coverage and no more than this. I have tested some of the period lot sizes but I am ordering beyond my leadtime coverage in a lot of cases.


I have used a 5week period lot size, my lead-time coverage is also 5 weeks.

My part starts to go short in Week 3.

I want one pur req to cover Wk3+Wk4+Wk5 only

The results I am getting are 1 pur req created for a 5 wk bucket to cover Wk3+Wk4+Wk5+Wk6+Wk7.

How do I prevent this?

Kind Regards