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Dec 16, 2015 at 11:02 AM

Fiori Launchpad-FLPResources Customization is required.


Dear all,

Fiori Launchpad- FLPResources Customization is required.please tell me the process.I need to implement some of the functionality.


Idle timeout,i need to block the refresh option for users once refresh done i need to logoff the user .

The above functionality are i done in AJAX Masthead.But now i am using the SAPUI5 applications and Fiori Launchpad.So my client is required those functionality.

I am trying the customization for FLPResources war file.But i am unable to understanding this logic,Here some many .js files and two jar files are there.

I created the portal application.i de-complied the jars and i took the code.But i am unable to find this class/jar.




1. Suppose this is possible means are not..? And any problems i will face are not..?

2. This process is good for customization for Fiori Lanchpad.?

Please tell me the process or any other way i can achieve or not..?

Thanks and Best regards,

Durga Rao V.