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Dec 16, 2015 at 06:24 AM

Not able to connect Google spreadsheet as API in destination of SAP WEB IDE



I am trying to use Google spreadsheet as database for storing data for creating Hybrid application through SAP Web IDE development.

below is destination details in SAP HANA trial account.

When i am trying to create project by using SAPUI5 Master detail Kapsel application template under Mobile application and trying to provide

destination details by using Service URL, it is not accepting and not able to create application.

I had already published my Google Spreadsheet sheet. Even i had created cloud database in MongoDB and created Restful API -

but still both are not working.

Please help me to resolve this issue to connect cloud database connectivity such as Google spreadsheet or other database.


Dilip Chaturvedi


Destination.jpg (178.9 kB)
data connection.jpg (127.1 kB)