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Dec 16, 2015 at 02:30 AM

Service Account for CMS Audit and CMS database



I have cluster environment with 2 nodes. My CMS and CMS_audit database exist under the same SQL server instance e.g. DEV_Instance. I created two ODBC conenctions one for CMS and Audit and we are using windows NT authenticatiom rather than a dedicated SQL server account.

After the install i was able to see the CMs and the Audit tables created in the SQL server instance.

now i am running the CMS as a service account rather than local and i make the change in the SIA properties to run using the service account rather than local. I am planning to enable auditing and what confused me is that client provided me different service account and password for auditing than CMS. If understand correctly i am already using the CMS service account in SIA and it should be logging information in the CMS tables in the database (CMs) .

now i see a username and password option in the auditing section of the CMC,i have a seperate service account for audting which is different than CMS, should i enter a seperate service account or it should be the same account that is used for CMS?

how to test properly that auditing is enabled correctly and right service account is used/