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Including Overridden value in Supply Plan heuristics


In our system, we are having few customized KFs: PRP, PRP Override, Ex-factory Plan.

Out of these KFs: PRP gets its value from Total Receipt (Standard Supply Planning KF) and Ex-factory Plan gets its value from Dependent Location Demand DS (Standard Supply Planning KF) after Supply Plan heuristics execution.

Thus right now, the value of Ex-factory Plan is same as PRP offset by lead time.

Now there has been a requirement that, the client wants to override the value of PRP using PRP override, and wants its effect to get reflected in Ex-factory Plan.

Is it possible to implement this? Is yes, how?

The attached diagram elaborates it further.



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2 Answers

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    Dec 15, 2015 at 05:54 PM

    Hi Sourojit,

    As you mentioned, PRP gets value from total receipt and Ex-factory gets value from dependent location demand so the offset is seen due to lead time. Both these key figures are indirectly linked to each through supply planning output key figures.

    So to override PRP, you need to adjust TOTALRECEIPT key figure which can be done using ADJUSTEDTRANSPORT. This will override ex-factory key figure as well based on the lead time associated with product-location.

    However i am not sure if you really want to change total receipt or just PRP key figure?



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    • Hi Rohit,

      Thanks, the requirement is to simply override PRP value. TotalReceipt data is nowhere touched.

      But, isn't AdjustedTransport related to TransportReceipt? Or should we use AdjustedReceipt?



  • Dec 15, 2015 at 05:30 PM

    Assuming you already have a calculation logic to compute Ex-Factory keyfigure to have offset from PRP keyfigure; you need to have additional condition to check if PRP Override <> blank or zero then use PRP Override to offset and copy into Ex-Factory; else PRP is offset and copied into Ex-Factory.

    You may need to use a Helper keyfigure in first first to store PRP or PRP Override and then offset the Helper keyfigure data into Ex-Factory.

    Hope this helps,


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