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Feb 16, 2006 at 07:18 AM

SAP XI - how it works in your company ?


Good Morning together,

since 2005 we´re woriking with XI to map interfaces between SAP and non SAP Systems.

During our development we suffered on several problems which are "at present time" still existing in our development system. Production system is working fine.


SAP XI 3.0

Patch 15(newest stack) even with older patch levels (12 to 15)

System: Development and QA System on the same server !

Planed: Each system gets its own server !

Problems are:

- 1. Cache Problem "activated mappings/configuration" are not activated and not listed in the notification list.

Solution: "Start complete Cash refresh" ; Delta isn´t sufficient

- 2. Cache Problem activated mappings/configuration have no affect on sending new interfaces. Activation is listed as successful (included the notification list) but the results is with the old values(before activation).

Solution: "Start complete Cash refresh" ; Delta isn´t sufficient

- XI J2ee restart (many times a day)

sometimes after activation of objects(design/configuration)

- Mapping Resource (not found) Error in XML Monitor

Solution: Send interface again

- BPM Errors are not listed in the XML Monitor if the BPM failed after/during system problems/crash/restart(Column Technical Outbound Channel: PE). Only listed with the BPE Monitor "Diagnosis Processes with Errors"

Normal BPM Errors(Mapping error) are listed in the XML Monitor.

- often transport (CCMS) problems

- codepage problems with non SAP systems

- many other problems ... small but annoying

Many OSS calls refering to our problems have already been made. An SAP Consultant is still working with us on those issues.


Interesting to know "Do you have the same or similar problems with XI in your development systems" ?

Thanks for your opinion,

G. Breuer