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Feb 16, 2006 at 02:16 AM

For masters and tech's of B1 .... 2 Questions !!!


Hi all !!!

First, someone from SAP showed me a little time ago a trick for showing results directly in a query. (meaning showing the results in the query instead of [ocrd.cardcode]) etc etc when building and testing querys.... does that ring a bell to anyone ???

Secondly, is it possible with an add on or codes of somekind to disable the link between the 'ENTER' key and the button 'ADD' and/or 'UPDATE' ??? we have like 40+ people working with B1 at our office and theirs alot of item creation since we are in a fashion business. Fact of human habit we get lots of errors and time lost because of this 'ENTER' key closing the window with add or update. Would it be possible to have an add on that checks the status of the 'ENTER' key while in ADD mode or UPDATE mode ???

Thank you for your time !!!!