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Dec 10, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Scorecard Object in Design Studio 1.6 issue with icons and trends


Hi experts,

I've been playing with the new Scorecard Object of Design Studio 1.6 for a few days now and I can't manage to have icons and trends to workin my cells.

The different post I've found suggest that icons and trends are based on Bex Querie Exceptions. But I cant manage to find in the final rendering something related to the exceptions I've put on my Querie (in the CSS part of the rendering I mean).

On the customizing of my scorecard, on the "Cell Content" of "Column Content" additionnal properties, I try to choose text with "Conditionnal Format Value", considering it might be the best way to catch those alerts or exceptions, but the "Content Type" remains empty.

I assume my exceptions work fine as I can see it in the Bex Analyser.

Has anyone experienced such issues?

Any idea to help?