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Feb 15, 2006 at 04:38 PM

Server Side Include in BPS Web App



I have a BPS web application for Project planning. The users want to see who made the last change to a project's plan and when.

I have succesfully adapted the DISPATCH event on the abap class to go and store this information in a table on save.

The question is how to display it. I have succesfully managed it displaying user-exit type variables that go and look up the correct values from the table, but it is not an elegant solution as i need username and date as characteristics on a cube in order to create the variables.

I was trying another solution...I have a simple BSP application that looks up the values and displays them in html. I would like to 'include' this BSP application into a text container in my BPS web app, but when I try to do a SSI (server side include), it does not work:

<!--#include file="included.html" -->

I think this may be because the SAP web server will not allow Perl-type server side commands?

Has anyone tried doing such an include and been successful?