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Feb 15, 2006 at 04:03 PM

InfoObjects changed due to Installation of a Business Content Cube



we want to install one of the Business Content Cubes.

Unfortunately, when we installed the business contents, 91 infoobjects were changed even though we didn't select them. We have upgraded our BW system to 3.5 lately.

SAP recommends you use the Install in background option, because installing a large number of objects can take a long time. Modifying objects that are already active can take an especially long time to complete. Make sure that when you install objects in the background that the versions are not matched. It is always the delivery versions that are installed. These are not matched with any available customer versions.

There is a SAP recommendation. But I can't understand a real meaning.

Why they recommend installing in background even though they don't support match option in background mode?

Please let me know if I understood something incorrectly.