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Dec 08, 2015 at 01:31 PM

Nakisa 4.3: Derived position structure not working


Hi there,

We have recently upgraded to Nakisa 4.3 SP2, and we’re trying to get the new ‘derived’ position structure working, i.e. a structure showing only positions (not org units) but using the O-S relationships (instead of the S-S (A002) relationship, which we don't use). The user should see their own position first, with the option to drill up the structure to see the manager position of their org, and above, etc.

I can’t seem to get the combination of settings right in the Hierarchy > General Settings – it either shows nothing (i.e. can't find the root), or it just shows the user’s position on its own.

I've managed to get the user’s position to appear, but I cannot get the position above to appear – there is no ‘up-arrow’ at the top edge of the position box to allow me to click up.

I believe it’s the Hierarchy Parent Field that drives this - can anyone advise what this field needs to be set to?

If I enter ORGUNIT_ID_P, nothing is shown above the user's position. I've trawled the Admin Guide, but to no avail.



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