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Feb 15, 2006 at 03:01 PM

Duplicate delivery numbers


Hi All,

We have an idoc interface that creates a delivery document. We are noticing some severe inconsistencies in the idoc processing wherein 2 idocs create a delivery each, but both deliveries are assigned the same delivery document number.

I am trying to search for an SAP note which will help us with the problem, but I'm not able to find much help. Has anyone come across this problem or any note that describes this scenario?

We notice this when there are 2 idocs processed one after the other, and the first one is huge in size (like 400 line items) and the second one is pretty small (2 to 4 lines). We noticed this because we have a duplicate check logic (using ext. del. no) to error out a duplicate idoc message. But when 2 huge idocs (2nd one duplicate), are processed one after the other, the first idoc creates a delivery and commits it, but when the second idoc checks the database, the data is still not in the table.

This is in a standard interface with some customization in user exits. The std. interface performs only a PGI on the delivery. Prior to the PGI, in a user exit, we create the delivery document and update the idoc with the delivery number.

There is also a commit work statement in our userexit (which was supposedly required as the PGI failed to find the delivery in the db otherwise) which we suspected as the culprit for causing inconsistencies. But we are not able to find much evidence for that.

Any pointers will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.