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Feb 15, 2006 at 02:10 PM

.Net configuration



I need some help in configuring our .Net PDK.

<b><u>Old situation</u></b>

Before we had 1 servernode (Server00) running on our Windows(ip machine for the .Net runtime. This was connected to our development portal with following settings :

Portal Server : localhost:8051

.Net runtime Server : *

And working OK.

<u><b>New Situation</b></u>

On our portal machine we added a second portal installation to be our acceptance(QA)-environment. On our windows machine we added a second server node running on port 8048. So on our QA-portal I made almost the same config as above (except for the portnumber) :

Portal Server : localhost:8051

.Net runtime Server : *

What we see now is that on our development portal the .Net Iviews are still working properly. However we cannot get the .Net iviews running on our QA-system. Should I start using PortalNode ID's for this in configuration, or can this not be the problem. (I now use no portal node ID for Portal Server and * in the portal node ID field of .Net runtime server).

The only error we see in our portal logs is work/std_server0.out:Feb 15, 2006 2:19:46 PM [Thread[PRT-Async 2,5,PRT-Async]] Fatal: Problem Conecting to host: tcp:// on StringIndexOutOfBoundsException

Hope someone can help !