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Feb 15, 2006 at 01:15 PM

BW authorisations levels



Just wondered if you can assist me understand somthing in

BW security and I will be gratful either way.

How do you go about blocking user from seeing parts of a cube (Characterstics).I mean there are infoobject we do not want him to see so he can only run quries on the remaining info objects in that cube. I am interested in total blockage of selected info object(s) and not of an approach of allowing the user to have agregated view of them. How this all be presenetd in S_RS_COMP and the rest of authorisation objects if need be ,i.e, S_RS_ICUBE etc.

I read some document mentioning security approach of BW known as " infocube independent dataset appraoch". what that means as far as S_RS_COMP are concernd. How do you compare it with a situation where the restriction is applied via S_RS_COMP to the infocube level and on the top of that the end user role also contained authorisation object created via RSSM on some info objects.

thanks for your help and much appreciated.