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Dec 04, 2015 at 09:48 PM

Rapid Content Delivery CSU_INFO.XML error


Hi, all.

Trying to update content from step 2.7 in techmon, getting an error that I can't get past. I get to step 2.7 Update Content, see that there is a download pending (v16). Click on teh link to download, it takes me to the RCD screen where I select Version 16 and start the download job.

Job SM: CSU_DOWNLOAD_DELIVERY fails pretty quickly with "Error while writing file CSU_INFO.XML", for which I've found zero detail either here or on SMP. I've gone through all the notes I could find for RCD, no luck so far. The auto download of the updates is working, but I can't apply them. Rather annoying, since this did work not too long ago with v12 of the version update.

I get the same error when I try to do a manual update, the log then shows "Invalid Content XML" with no details whatsoever. And I'm not seeing any errors in any logs I've looked at (st22, slg, sm21, OS level) unless I"m just not finding the problem.

RCD shows a message (green check) that says "Import of Content MAI with Registered Version 1 not possible". I'm guessing that this is because of the failure of the download job, but not really clear (and not a lot of info available there either).

SM:RCD_CHECK_UPDATES job runs fine, SMPAUDWNLD RFC works fine.

Anyone have any hints? This is just an annoyance on a Friday afternoon.. 😔


Bernie Krause