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Dec 04, 2015 at 05:53 AM

How to download MSDS documents to pc desktop and convert to pdf.


Dear all,

Actually i have a doubt regarding download of MSDS documents to frontend system.

can any one tell how can i make that process to run? i done it by using dms_kpro_read in which i filled the structure ls_phio and called one perform to download the reports in cg02 enhancement point but problem is when i run and create report in cg02 then it is directly showing destop folder but report is also not coming .

can any one help me out were i need to write this enhancement to achieve that functionality. the need is when i create a report in cg02 it should go to cg50 and it should also save in active directly.

when i run this in cg02 it is taking document type as SBV but i need to take SBE and tell me how to solve it .

Please find the document which shows what i had done.

Help me out with an explanation if possible document.

Thanks in advance.

DATA : object_id like sdokobject.
DATA : ls_phio like sdokobject.
DATA : gf_phio like sdokobject.
DATA : ls_doc2lo1o like dms_doc2loio.

LOOP AT l_gen_report_tab.

ls_phio-class = l_gen_report_tab-ehsdoccat .
ls_phio-objid = l_gen_report_tab-dmskey .


gf_phio = ls_phio.

export gf_phio to MEMORY id 'MUM'.

PERFORM phio_check_out IN PROGRAM dms_kpro_read IF FOUND.

I had done the above coding which fills the class and object id and saves document but the problem is I am achieving the functionality but not the result.

Were I need to write the code in which enhancement that’s is CG50 or Cg54 or CG02.

In some documents if I see they are showing EXP_Call what is it.

It is filling in table as DMSkey and dms cat.

I used this fields and filled the structure.

Once I execute the following popup is blinking but not able to save report .

This is what I had done.


msds 1.PNG (127.3 kB)
msds 2.PNG (214.1 kB)