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Dec 03, 2015 at 01:49 PM

Converting Dispatched Planned Orders (Process)



In an integrated environment [Planning is carried out in 3rd party tool, MRP is not executed in ECC, and CM25 is used for capacity leveling), the planned orders [generated in 3rd Party Planning tool] are sent to SAP for ensuring a sequenced dispatching of planned orders.

We then use CM25 to dispatch the orders in accordance to the sequence generated in the 3rd party planning system. [During this dispatch, we dispatch planned orders to the Dispatched Pool]. Post dispatching, the user can potentially re-schedule orders based on alerts, priority, safety stock violations etc. After validating that there are no issues / errors / alerts, the user would like to then convert these planned orders to process orders in the newly defined sequence.

However, when we try to convert the planned order to a process order, we find that the orders are de-allocated back to the Order Pool. We are unable to re-dispatch the orders (converted) because the sequence numbers would not be valid due to re-scheduling of orders in the Dispatched Pool.

We validated that there is no change to the existing dates or quantity, however I am unable to retain the dispatched status when we do the conversion from the planned order to a process order.

Anyone who can advise on the approach? I have checked at least three different threads on this topic but have been largely unsuccessful to understand how to ensure conversion of orders (COR7) without de-allocating the orders.

Your views / recommendations please... !