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Dec 01, 2015 at 12:20 AM

SEGW enhancing an already generated service


hi all,

I've an OData service generated via SEGW.

It has only one entity which i created by importing from a DDIC structure.

I went ahead and redefined all my read, write methods and the service works fine.

Now i want to enhance the structure

- Add a new field to the structure

- Change the data element of an existing field

After making these changes to the structure, how should i enhance the entity in SEGW?

Option 1: Do I have to delete the already created entity and recreate a new entity from this enhanced structure?

Option 2: Or do I've to add the new fields to the existing entity manually and also make changes to the field properties based on the new data elements?

When i regenerate, would i lose the custom code that i've written in the EXT classes.

thanks for the help