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Nov 27, 2015 at 10:44 AM

EHS QM Interface Functionality


Hi All,

I have a query with regards to EHS QM interface functionality wherein the requirement is to pass on phrase and phrase set data from EHS system to QM system. I understand that phrases and phrase sets are converted to code and code groups by the interface when an inspection plan is created. Following are the steps i have performed.

Step 1 : Created characteristics in Tcode CT04 and assigned it to class in CL02 of class type 100.

Step 2 : Created phrases and assigned to phrase set and performed CGAB (phrase set attribute assignment). Phrases are created for phrase set and the same is available in characteristics say.. Color

Step 3 : In CGQM created inspection characteristics for the VATS and characteristics and the created master inspection characteristics is now available in QS23.

Step 4 : Created Inspection methods in Tcode QS31 and assigned inspection methods to Master inspection characteristics. The same inspection methods i have maintained in phrase header for the QM specific characteristics i.e.. Phrase

Step 5 : In CG02 i selected the specification and selected QM inspection plan creation under Extras tab and the job triggered successfully and the same i can see in EHQL log which show inspection plan log generation as succesfull.

Step 6 : In QP02 i am not able to see inspection characteristics instead i am manually maintaining and also phrase and phrase sets are not converted to code and code groups.

Please suggest if a am missing any steps as i have done all necessary configurations relating to number ranges and environment parameters..

Thanks in advance

EHS Consultant