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Nov 27, 2015 at 11:04 AM

TDMS scrammbling data for different tables


Hello Colleagues.

What we want to achieve is for table PA0001 fields ENAME and SNAME be aligned with PA0002 fields NACHN and VORNA. We copied the following sap standard rules:

  • - Rule_Personnel_Formatted_Name
  • - Rule_Personnel_Emp_Name
  • - Rule_Personnel_First_Name
  • - Rule_Personnel_Last_Name

We did a simulation and here are the results. IN a simulation perspective, we can confirm that the fields are getting scrambled. HOWEVER, our concern is that the scrambled data in Rule_Personnel_Formatted_Name and Rule_Personnel_Emp_Name is not aligned with the scrambled name of Rule_Personnel_First_Name and Rule_Personnel_Last_Name

<KINDLY SEE ATTACHED. I have purposely censored>

As you can see take for instance personel ID 10000969, the DATA AFTER SCRAMMBLING for their names are not aligned. Our concern is that what if we run the actual scrambling package, would their names be aligned? Last name after scrambling is COLEI, first name after scrambling is Cristian. However in table pa0001 the scrammbled name of the same personel id is TREMMANTE RICARDO.

Is this behavior only during simulation?


PA0002.png (118.9 kB)
PA0001.png (135.6 kB)