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Nov 27, 2015 at 10:42 AM

Using SAP Content Server as storage for archive files



I would be glad to get opinions and experiences.

I see from the documentation of the SAP Content Server that it can be used as storage also for archive files. It is advised to have the content server installed with a database instead as a file system because it gives extra administration and security options.

  1. If I setup data archiving I assume that when the archiving file are send to the storage system - the file will no longer be in the file system where the write job saved the data. Will it then still be possible to get access to data like it is if the archiving file is still in the file system?
    E.g. when I choose to see a purchase order in ME23N i'm told that it will be retrieved from the archive and then viewed.

  2. I know, that the SAP Content Server does not support optical archiving - but if I'm satisfied with this and rely on the database administration and backup procedures for the Content Server - do you then see any concerns using SAP Content Server for data archiving?

    If no - do you know any companies using SAP Content Server for data archiving with success?

Thanks for all replies.