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Former Member
Nov 27, 2015 at 12:03 AM

Prevent double quotes around object names in output SQL?


Is there any way to stop DS 4.2 SP05 to put all column names, etc. in double quotes?

When testing DS against my MemSQL database, it keeps putting double quotes around all the object names, e.g.:

CREATE TABLE "testdb"."test_table" ( "Record_ID" INTEGER not null , primary key ("Record_ID"))

The above SQL fails.

However, if you take this SQL, remove the double quotes and execute it directly against MemSQL, it works fine.

So I want DS to generate the SQL like this:

CREATE TABLE testdb.test_table ( Record_ID INTEGER not null , primary key ( Record_ID))

Is there some option in DSCONFIG or anywhere else to get DS to behave the way I want it to?