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B1 Browser Access Debug

Feb 03, 2017 at 04:56 PM


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Esteemed developers,

I wonder if there is any way to debug an add-on when using the browser access of SAP Business One.

Can we connect to the browser access through Visual Studio?

And is there a different connection string for debugging purposes?

Any idea could be helpful.

Best Regards,

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2 Answers

Danilo Kasparian May 03, 2017 at 06:01 PM

Hi Bruno,

I was trying to do it, the only way I could do was this below:

- Install your add-on on B1

- Attach your code on the add-on process running on the server

You will be able to debug

I have just post on the blog how to debug the add-on on browser

How to debug add-on on browser

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Have you been able to check the 'Developer Tools' option for the same, if there is issue specific to Browser Access only?

Otherwise, open SAP Business One using Browser Access, run your Visual Studio Project and you should be able to use it normally.

Kind regards,


SAP SME Support


Hi Ankit,

In this case my server wasn`t the same I was running my source code. What 'Developer Tools' are you talking about?

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Danilo Kasparian

Hi Danilo,

I couldn't understand your answer. What do you mean by saying 'Attach your code on the add-on process running on the server'?




The visual studio has this option


Hi Danilo Kasparian,

I was talking about 'Developer Tool' option available in Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Kind regards,


SAP SME Support


Hi guys,

The problem comes when we try to run a Visual Studio project, ANKIT CHAUHAN. It doesn't matter if the code is or isn't on the same machine running the BAS Gatekeeper service. When calling the method Connect of SboGuiApi passing in the connection string, an exception is thrown stating: "Connection - Could not find SBO that match the connection string". My dev environment has all of the SBO components on the same machine, including client and server components. Version is 9.2 PL 6.

The suggestion made by Danilo Kasparian does help, thanks for that, yet we need to keep packaging our code for debugging.

Best regards,


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Former Member Aug 18, 2017 at 02:52 PM

Hi Danilo Kasparian,

I have instaled my add-on on B1 and I have atteched my code on process running on the server.

Consistently get a message in the breakpoints I set:

"The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document."

I tried the following :

  • Run Visual Studio as administrator.
  • I have ensured debug configuration on 86bits, debug flag, and full debug info are set on all assemblies.
  • I have selected Start action on the projects to debug (Right click on solution --> Pxroperties -> Common Properties --> Startup Project -> Select multiple startup projects

Any ideas?


Best regards


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It was a long time I haven`t touch this anymore, I will do some tests again and I let you know


I have just updated my first answer, I created a post for this subject.