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Feb 14, 2006 at 08:12 PM

ivews and popup



I have a parent page , which has a button,on click of that button I want to show a pop-up child window (like a confirmation box asking the user yes or no). When a user clicks on yes or no, i want to close the child window and pass the users input (yes / no) to the parent page and then either save or cancel.

For the child window , I implemented an iview which has text and yes / no buttons. From my parent page , on click of button i do a to open this iview. On my child window , i raise an epcm event on click of yes / no button to call the parent page where i have subscribed to this event. My problem is event is not getting fired up , if it is a separate window. For a test i put the child window iview in the page where parent iview is, and it works just fine (all events get fired up). can event model be used by the iviews only if they are in the same page. Is there any workaround or any other way of doing it.