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Feb 03, 2017 at 04:12 PM

READ RFC not suitable for SAP (CQC)



on new SolMan 7.2 SPS03, I’m trying to generate EWA report for an ABAP system, but getting following error (see last screenshot):

1 . Red - READ RFC SM_PS8CLNT000_READ not suitable for SAP (CQC) Going Live Support for PS8~ABAP-0020246392-850088564
Message No. DSWP_SD502
As described in SAP Note 1149742, to deliver an SAP (CQC) Going Live Support Service, the READ RFC must point to the client which is in the focus of the service. A READ RFC to client 000 cannot be used for this service.

SAP note 1149742 isn’t providing any relevant information (as well as 2279606). I’m not aware of setting explicitly client nor RFC SM_PS8CLNT000_READ for SAP (CQC) Going Live Support, during Managed system configuration. I’m not able to find any suitable solution or place where to set suitable client or RFC for SAP (CQC) Going Live Support.

Steps how to reproduce error (see attached screenshots):

Transaction sm_workcenter
“SAP EarlyWatch Alerts Reports” in SAP engagement and Services…
“Service Delivery Readiness”
“Managed System Alerts”

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.


sm-work-01.jpg (98.4 kB)
sm-work-02.jpg (52.2 kB)
sm-work-03.jpg (71.7 kB)
sm-work-04.jpg (78.8 kB)
sm-work-05.jpg (158.3 kB)