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Feb 14, 2006 at 04:46 PM

EP5 Guru's still alive?



Currenty we are live with an EP5 SP6 and we are using NTLM to login.

Recently we tried to configure NTLM to take the domainname into account. We did therefore also had to change the UID in LDAP to make sur login remained functional. ("ID" becomes "<Domain>\ID"

The problem we are currently facing is that once we change the UID in LDAP some KM functionalities do not work anymore. (eg: creation of userhome fails since the UID in LDAP contains a backslash)

Has anyone a clue if there is a possibility to login via NTLM, using the domainname, but however make sure that KM retreives the ID from another attribute in the LDAP?

Many thanks,