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Feb 14, 2006 at 02:26 PM

Retreive the SC Version During CBS builds



We are developing a Web Dynpro applicaiton using JDI Scenerio 2+. We have implemented a custom prebuild.vm (stored in the <application root>\cfg folder) in order to update a properties file with a version number from the build process. Here is the contents of the custom prebuild.vm file:

<project name="pre-build" default="build">

<target name="build">

<propertyfile file="" comment="version">

<entry key="CURRENT_VERSION" value="$"/>


<copy file="" tofile="$src\packages\com\mycompany\myproduct\" overwrite="true" />



The only property I have been able to find that includes any sort of version information is the dc_jarSAP_counter. This property provides the DC version number.

Does anyone know of a property available during the velocity processing portion of the build that would provide the SC version information (e.g. we're trying to find some property that would correspond to the service pack and patch level selections made during the assembly process in CMS.)