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Feb 14, 2006 at 12:56 PM

Portalnavigation & URL parameters


Hi all,

I have some questions regarding portal navigation and passing parameters in URLs. Hope somebody can provide some help.

<u>Situation (EP6 NW04 SP15):</u>

We have a custom developed (by 3rd party) iView which shows some content from a backend system (non-sap). The content is delivered through the portal server so no direct connection from client to backendsystem.

What we now want to do is create some "deeplinks" to this iView, so that some specific content is showen directly without the need to navigate within the iView.

Currently the iView dynamicly creates links for navigation within the content by generating a static href to:










([...] is a placeholder for some custom names which I do not want to post here)

This URL seems to be a liitle complicated...

According to information given in SDN and by SAP support a URL like http://myServer:50000/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=ROLES://portal_content/myFolder/myRole&myParameter=myValue

should pass myParameter to the target iView.

However we were not able to achieve the desired behaviour with a URL like this.

For example we tried with:



<u>Q1:</u> Are there any specific attributes for the iView we need to set so that myParameter is passed and received? Is there any special coding needed?

<u>Q2:</u> Is there any sample available with which I can proove that this feature is working and the target iView receives the parameters? I thought about creating a simple app which makes no other output but the received parameters. Is anything like this available allready or can somebody provide some coding (would be great and much appreciated)?

<u>Q3:</u> Any comments on the created URLs?

Thanks and kind regards,

Alexander Sperling