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Nov 20, 2015 at 11:16 AM

Vizframe rendering issue in icontab (master/detail)?


Hi folks,

I am facing an issue with the rendering of a vizframe in an icontab - in a master/detail scenario.

Here is what happens:

- The vizframe is not visible when the tab is selected - even though the tab is expanded. A small white block appears in the full width of the view. I can debug it and see that the code for building the vizframe is executed - so it somehow has to do with the rendering.

- When i collapse the tab and reexpand it - the graph becomes visible. However it does not take up the full height of the view - only the size specified as the minflexsize on the fixflex container.

- If i resize the window it startes behaving strangely. Adjusting the width works fine - the graph adjusts correctly. Adjusting the height of the windows, to cover parts of the vizframe causes the graph to flicker (visible/not vissible and so on)

Trying to find my the mistake, i copied the VizFrame line-graph example from "SAPUI5 Explored". That example utilizes the full height of the window and is part of a master-detail scenario.

Having copied the SAP-sample into my application (in a view that is put on an icontab in a master/detail scenario) i can see that the SAP-sample behaves exactly like my own code - meaning the same sizing issue and flickering when resizing the window.

I can fix the issue somewhat by adding the App+Page+Content tags around the fixflex container. That makes the graph take up the full height of the screen. BUT it does so without adjusting for the height that the details-view takes up - so the height becomes greater than the actual windows, meaning i now have to scroll to see the graph.

Does anyone know if there is an issue with the vizframe being rendered inside a view that is put in a tab or if i have some logical error somewhere.

The view is put in a tab and the application is based on a master/detail template from the WebIde.

Best regards