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Customizing transport not updating custom field in the table

Feb 03, 2017 at 03:00 PM


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Hello All,

We have a strange issue while transporting a customizing table entry to quality through customizing transport. Let me explain the scenario.

  • We enhanced a standard table T(Delivery Class - C)with a new custom field. All the necessary table adjustments(like SE14) were done and the new field is now available in table T in Quality system as well
  • In development system, Standard Application(A1) will create a new table entry in the table(T) and the changes are saved in customizing TR for further movement. We could see all Key fields of table entry captured in transport. In this step, customizing transport is prompted by application. So no issues here.
  • Now through standard Application(A2) this new custom field in table T is updated through Enhancement framework. The previous step is mandatory and should have been completed before this step. Therefore, entry will be already existing in table T and this step is just to update a non-key field in table T.

After completing the above steps, the customizing transport is moved to quality, all the changes done through A1 is updated in table T in quality, except the new field which was updated by A2.

Our assumption was that, when the customizing transport is released/during release, based on keys in transport, TMS will read the complete table entry and then transport the table entry to next system. But this was not the case, as the non-key field which was updated through application A2 never moved to quality.

May be our assumption was wrong here. Are we missing something else here?

Could you please provide some thoughts/solutions on this issue.

Thanks in advance :)



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Your assumption is correct for 99,9% of the customizing tables (0,1% is for instance the data being copied to a "container table" at the time the user presses a "manual transport" button, so the data is stored before the transport request is released)

No idea what your problem is.

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Sandra Rossi

@Sandra: Thanks for your time and clarification.

It's bit strange. Ideally, the field should have been transported. I even tried "manual transport" option with a new customizing transport. But still the issue persists. Used "Transport" option from Menu to include this entry into table before transport. Also, added * by manually editing the keys in transport. Nothing worked.

Now this makes me think, that I have missed something else while adding this new field. I did below steps,

1. Append structure to table to add new field

2. Adjust database (using SE14).

I did not do anything to table maintenance generator as it is a standard table. Have I missed something else here?


The "manual transport" I was mentioning for 0,1% of tables is very specific, and is not related to the manual transport in SE16/SM30. Maybe it's because the maintenance dialog is based on a projection view which does not contain your field (use a "view append" to add your field).

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Sandra Rossi

Thanks again for your suggestion.

I checked the view and the field in question is not available here. So, I tried to do "Append View" as you suggested, but unfortunately for the view "/AIF/V_FINF" it is disabled. Any idea how to proceed in this case?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know. I guess the transport request contains an entry to this maintenance view, and the TMS is limited to transport/update the fields of this view. If you update the custom field via a separate program, maybe you can create a transport request yourself as told by Raghu (referring to the table directly, or using a new custom view with your field if necessary).

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1 Answer

Raghu Govindarajan Feb 03, 2017 at 03:35 PM

Someone just asked a similar question that got a response yesterday. Can't blame you for not searching, because I had read the article yesterday and still couldn't find it without just scrolling down entries!

How can I add entries to a customizing transport from ABAP? - SAP Answers

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Thanks Raghu for trying to help me out.

In the link you shared they speak about adding entries to customizing report from ABAP program. But in my case, the issue is different as the entries are captured in transport already by standard application. Only one field is not reflected in Quality, when the transport is moved.