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Nov 19, 2015 at 11:25 AM

different Fiori apps internally and externally


I would like to present different set of Fiori apps (tiles) to the same user depending if he/she connects internally or externally. For example: SAP Launchpad should display and make available only a subset of apps when a person is connecting externally. The user will use the same type of device.

It looks that I need two different set of roles/catalog. It looks that possible solution will require two separate SAP Fiori Frontend Servers (FES; SAP Gateways) - one for internal access and one for external access. Each of the Servers will assign different roles and catalogs.

Have you done something similar? Will the solution based on two separate Frontend Servers work? Is there available other solution based on one Frontend Server - e.g. SAP Portal allows dynamic assignment of "roles" based on location?