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Nov 18, 2015 at 04:53 PM

Customer Exit Variables in Design Studio 1.5 SP2 with BW 7.40 SP9


Hi everyone,

currently, we are using Design Studio 1.5 SP2 on a SAP BW 7.40 SP9 system and are facing the following phenomena:

We built a Design Studio application using a query with two customer exit variables. Executing this application on the BOE server of the development or the quality system works fine and the customer exit variables are executed.

However, if we start the exact same application on the productive system, it does not execute the customer exit variables.

No warnings or errors appear in the frontend and no authorization issues are listed in SU53.

If we read the values of those variables via "getVariableValue" and display them via "APPLICATION.alert" in the local mode of Design Studio, on the development and quality system it shows the correct values. On the productive system the variables are empty.

Is there any parameter (RFC or anything else) we need to set in the front- or backend to allow or enable Design Studio to execute customer exit variables?

Are we missing any other setting?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,