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Nov 18, 2015 at 04:15 PM

Extracting material from a string


Hello everyone,

I am selecting from workflow table (swwwihead). In the field wi_text, there is a detailed description of the workflow message.


317837-0010: US10: Ready for Dchain 03

17627 : IN10 : System Error - DChain 10 Not Set

358094-045 : AU10 : System Error - DChain 10 Not Set

If you notice, we have material numbers of all different lengths. Does anyone know if SAP has any standard functionality (FM or BAPI or built in function) to pass a string and extract the material number in that string? Or know of a workflow table other than swwwihead that may have this information?

I am currently parsing the string first assuming it is a 10 digit material.

I then am using the BAPI BAPI_MATERIAL_EXISTENCECHECK to see if the material exists in our system

If it doesn't I parse the string down 1 character and run the BAPI again, etc.

This is obviously not an ideal solution so was wondering if anyone had any better ideas.

I have searched around but haven't had any luck.

Thank you!