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Nov 18, 2015 at 10:38 AM

Unable to add a particular material in a Physical Inventory Document.


Hello All,

We have a portal system for doing the inventory of plants.

Inventory document for a particular plant and storage location has been created but after creating Inventory document, a specific material X is not allowed to be added in the Inventory document.

Suppose I've 70 materials maintained under that plant and storage location but only 15 products got added when Inventory document was created.

That Specific X material was also not added.

When I try to add Product in the Inventory document from portal, I got Error Message "Material doesn't Exist. Contact Logistics Team".

Also, when I try to add product from rest 54 products which are maintained under plant but added in Inventory, I was allowed to do so giving one message that "Material will be added to list".

Please suggest what could be the reason of system not allowing that specific material.

I checked deletion flag. There is no deletion flag set. Also stock is available for that material.