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Nov 17, 2015 at 06:25 PM



Hi everyone, I'm new in SAP BO Webi.

I'm working with a simple table that show a job status report with Job, Date of Job and State. I want to show last month activity only, so I make 2 variable:

- Max Pariod: Left(Max([Date]);7) = 2015-11

- Period: Left([Date];7) = 2015-11, 2015-10, 2015-09, etc.

Then in the table I compare those variables, por example:

=if [Period] = [Max Period] then [Job Name]

=if [Period] = [Max Period] then [Date]

=if [Period] = [Max Period] then [State]

But when I do this the error #MULTIVALUE appears. I think the logic is right, but I don't know where I'm making something bad.