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Nov 17, 2015 at 06:08 PM

BPC Cubes not being created after Installation and restore


Hi Experts

I have installed BPC 10.1 MS SP 3 on our dev server.

Note : Installed SQL 2014 and the rest of the Pre Requisite software. On a multi server environment. The installation went through fine without any errors.

I Then restored my Environment via Server manager and everything went through fine (no errors).

I Then tried to process the dimensions in my environment and got the usual error on ID ..... I checked the error on AppServer DB and it said no Dimensions in my cube. I then checked SSAS and found that the BPC Cubes including all dimensions had not been created. I tried to restore environment again thinking something was corrupt the first time, but the cubes does not get created on SSAS whenever I restore even though I get no errors and OLAP creation says successful on the restore.

Any Idea why this would happen? and a solution?

Kind Regards