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Nov 17, 2015 at 04:51 PM

Connecting to informix database


Is there another way to connect to the informix database with a powerbuilder 12.6 classic app

other than Pbin9120.dll and pbi10120.dll

We currently use these with informix connect.

But, our client is saying the following:

We also have several local applications that make use of direct SQL connections to the ECF database, and those also became slow with centralization. Over the past couple days I’ve done a lot of application and network traffic profiling to identify the root cause, and came to the conclusion that the Informix connect driver is simply terribly inefficient at TCP communication.

My developer suggested we make use of the more modern IBM driver set known as the “IBM Data Server Client”, and I have implemented it for one of our local apps, which resulted in a 300% speed boost when compared to the Informix Connect driver. This was a simple configuration change on the Informix server, and a switch in my application from using an Informix ODBC connection to using an OLE DB connection with a connection string specifying the newer driver.

we don't use odbc... .so, I'm confused about that comment.

But, can powerbuilder make use of the "IBM Data server client"?