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Feb 14, 2006 at 06:25 AM

Problems encounter in Performance test



I'm currently executing a Performance test on my servers in order to see if the load on my performance test server would be able to cater to the production load. I have setup the below systems:

(Note : all servers are running on IBM AIX 5.2 ML6)

EP DB : Oracle 9i patch 4 (6 cpu n 60 GB RAM)

Content Management DB : Oracle 9i patch 4 (3 cpu n 6 GB RAM)

EP CI : EP6SP2 patch4 hotfix5 (5 cpu n 12 GB RAM)

EP App1 : EP6SP2 patch4 hotfix5 (5 cpu n 12 GB RAM)

EP App2 : EP6SP2 patch4 hotfix5 (5 cpu n 12 GB RAM)

EP App3 : EP6SP2 patch4 hotfix5 (5 cpu n 12 GB RAM)

There is only 1 j2ee node on each server.

KM is on EP6SP2 patch4 hotfix 8

I have also performed the fine tuning guide provided by SAP on diabling logging.

The scope of my performance test is as follows:

Ramping up to 2000 users at 10 users per 30 seconds

200 users will be testing UWL

400 users will be logging in/out

400 users will be uploading and downloading files of different sizes on KM

1000 users will just be navigating the portal

I have encountered sluggishness on the 4 web servers and EP CM servers when I ramp up the users to around 1000. Please advise on the sizing required to support a 2000 user base. Is there anything else that i can tune on the DB or application servers in order for it to support more users. The errors that I encounter are mostly unable to load the pictures on the homepage(timed out after 120 seconds) It would appear that the CM DB server are heavily taxed during this period of time with the CPU utilization peaking at around 95%. My last resort will to be add more j2ee nodes on the application servers. Please kindly advise.



PS : i also encounter some errors on my output.log (when more and more users are accessing the portal)

Multipart parsing aborted. Resetting buffer.

And also some errors on my error.log

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: com.sapportals.wcm.WcmException: concurrent access to HashMap attempted by Thread [impl:0 Client_Thread_15 state: Running modifed: true]

......... Client lost or synchronization error! No data read for the timeout of 10000milliseconds.


com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentException: Error in service call of Portal Component

Component : pcd:portal_content/

Component class : com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.CachablePortalComponent