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Nov 16, 2015 at 09:57 PM

Stock balance macro



We have a standard macro "Stock balance " in 9ASNP book, data view SNP94(1). This macro has following:

Row: Stock on Hand (Projected) ( Frm INITIAL ) =

INITIAL_STOCK( ACT_VERSION ; ACT_PRODUCT ; ACT_LOCATION ) + Row: Total Receipts ( Frm INITIAL ) -Row: Total Demand ( Frm INITIAL )

This means if I have a safety stock, that is not counted in this equation.

For example I have Initial stock = 10 LB, Total receipts = 50 LB ,Total demand = 30 LB and a safety stock requirement of 5 LB,

The macro result is Stock on Hand (Projected) = 10+50-30 = 30 LB

but I think it has to be Stock on Hand (Projected) = 10+50-30 -5 = 25 LB.

I'm afraid we are overstating our supply when the macro is not considering the safety stock. Any thoughts?

Other way of saying is that if I am starting with 30 LB of initial stock and no other numbers in the planning book except safety stock requirement of 5 LB, APO standard shows that the stock remains at 30 LB going forward.

I'm wondering if the system should atleast consider the 5 LB in initial column so that we are left with 25 LB going forward.