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Nov 16, 2015 at 04:32 PM

Same document type for multiple flow types


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement for generating a single document for multiple flow types. I understand that I can assign the document type at a process/procedure and Flow type level.

But we actually use a common flow type in multiple contract types. For e.g. Misc income (Z100) is a common condition type / flow type which is being used along with other flow types like Lease rent (Z001), Amenity Fees (Z002), etc which are contract specific. I have configured document type LR for lease rent and document type AM for amenity fees. But my requirement is that at the time of RERAPP, a single document should get posted say LR with the lease rent and misc income amount. Currently because Misc income flow type is being used along with other flow types, I am unable to assign any particular document type to Flow type Z100. Hence it gets posted with AB document type and the lease rent amount gets posted with LR document type. Same is the case with Amenity Fees.

Is is possible for me to include the Z100 amount in the same document as the other flow type like LR or AM as the case maybe.

The documentation mentions the following:

"Not all posting processes use a flow type for posting. Flow types are used primarily in periodic posting. If there are several flow types in one document, then the system uses the setting from the first flow type found."

Unfortunately this is not the way the system is behaving in my case. It simply posts two documents one for LR and other for Misc income.

Hope I am able to explain the requirement.

Any help is appreciated.