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Nov 16, 2015 at 03:20 PM

Active Directory SSO to BI Platform and SAP BW


Dear all,

we use Microsoft Sharepoint as portal for our intranet services. In the future, we would like to integrate some of our BI-reports (e.g. Design Studio) into the portal, where users (management, controlling) can access them. The reports are saved on a BI Platform 4 SP04 P03 server and access data from a SAP BW via a BICS Connection. We will integrate the reports into the portal with the SAP Inegtration for Microsoft Sharepoint (IOMS),

To increase the user experience, we want wo archieve that the users don't have to login to the BO or BW system and can use a single-sign-on mechanism with their active directory account which they use for login to their computer/the windows domain.

Can you please give me an overview of the required configurations for this sso-setup? From what I have understood so far, first of all we have to setup active directory authentification and sso to the BI platform as described in the BI platform admin guide, section 9.4.

What will be the follwing steps and how do we authenticate to the BW system? Do we need to setup sso for SAP authentication and then link the user accounts from BW and AD in the BI platform with aliases? And/Or do we need STS (Security Token Services)? It is necessary that we are able to configure different rights for different users / usergroups in SAP BW, so the solution should support this.

Thank you in advance four your help.



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